grapefruit Grapefruits are great first thing in the morning along with breakfast or just by itself. However what if you could use the parts of the fruit that you do not eat to make a fabulous scrub? Instead of throwing away the bitter white parts with left over grapefruit make a DIY scrub with it.

Let me be the first to admit that I stole this idea from Pinterest the place where all DIY projects flow and it was a must share.

Why is grapefruit awesome for your skin?

Grapefruit contains a ton of Vitamin C and A along with minerals and anti oxidants that benefit the skin when you eat it or through a mask.

The Vitamin C and the antioxidants protect the skin from harsh environmental hazards our skin might be exposed to and it encourages the skin to produce collagen for elasticity and smoothness.

The retinol antioxidant renews damaged skin and evens it out making it soft and clear.

How to make the scrub:


After you eat the bulk of the grapefruit, cut out the inner portions attached to the rind of skin. Add it to a blender with some sugar (about a 1/2 a cup). You can make enough for one use or for a few uses just store the excess in the fridge.

grapefruit scrub

Put the sugar, grapefruit and a few drops of apricot oil in a blender and blend for a few seconds until all of the bits are smooth. Apply the scrub to your face and neck, scrubbing away any dead skin leave on for a few minutes then rinse.

Do not store the excess scrub mix in the fridge for too lone, we would say three days maximum so try to use up as much as the scrub as you can.

Happy scrubbing!! Would you try the grapefruit scrub?