Cherie Hart Steffen

Cherie Hart Steffen -“YOU have to make the decision that getting healthy, losing the weight and making this a life change is MORE IMPORTANT to you than being unhealthy, continuing to be overweight and staying the same”

Do you get inspired by other women who have met their fitness goals? I know I get inspired by women who have fitness plans, goals and actually do what it takes to get to their desired weight.

One of the reasons we love social media is because you have a chance to see real people do the very thing you are probably trying to do daily.

It isn’t easy to fight sugar addiction or to get past fatigue or even to get disciplined about a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Hec, some of us find it hard to just drink water for whatever reason. These issues are real ones and if you are the girl that find these things to be easy for you, then much respect to you.

Others of us may not have it so simple and will have to do what it takes to get to the same goals. With that said, I love to see women who have done it and who feel great about what they have achieved.

Check out these 4 women from Instagram who have met their fitness goals and who have inspired all there followers doing it. Each of them have one time or another posted a message as a means of encouragement to the people that look at their pictures.

I for one can appreciate an inspirational message every now and again. Check out their features and what they have had to say:

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1. AlexeatsClean

Her message:

“I know that I say this all the time, but it’s because it’s true and I want to be consistent in my message when I say YOU CAN DO THIS. If I can, anyone out there can. I was at the lowest of the low when my boyfriend took that pic of me on the left.

I was EMBARRASSED for him to see me like that. All I wanted was to feel healthy and fit and proud of my hard work. I was so consistent with falling off track when things got hard.

The minute I made a conscious decision to just stop feeding myself Taco Bell daily, replace that with my superfood shake and start sweating just 30 minutes a day in my accountability group, the pounds FELL OFF. It takes a conscious decision you guys.”


2. iam_miamck

Her message:

“Athletic women are awesome too. thin women are great as well. not every woman was created to have a small waist and crazy curves. you are you enough! rock that ish! it just makes me a little frustrated when I see women commenting #goals and #bodyGoals on pictures of women who are shaped NOTHING like them! so over segregation based on such superficial things like hair, skin color, body shape, etc.
loving people, especially the person in my mirror…. the real #goal


3. @iikandii88


Her message:

People always ask if I ever get tired of this lifestyle?? Being BIG was a struggle, LOSING it was a struggle, MAINTAINING it is a struggle! #pickYOURstruggle. You don’t HAVE to wake up everyday striving to become the best of yourself.

Ohhhh you can easily go through life with no ambition whatsoever and just dig yourself deeper into misery while watching others do for themselves. When are YOU going to start doing what’s best for YOU and stop complaining about what YOU won’t do for yourself? Happiness takes work and it does require sacrifices. When’s the last time you did some self reflecting on your life?


4. @makeup_by_guam

Her message:

Here is a little reminder that happiness can only come when you want the best for yourself and not just what everyone else has!

Way to go ladies, sometimes we all need that small kick in the ass just from a few inspirational pictures and a no nonsense message, now lets go meet those goals!

Get Inspired By Other Women Who Have Met Their Weight Loss Goals


Do you get inspired by other women who have met their fitness goals. Check out these 4 women who are inspiring women on Instagram

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