I saw the a picture on social media with the following caption:

My young sistas, What most men WON’T tell you is tattoos on a woman diminishes her entire look. ‘It’s like defacing a Picasso.’ You become a target for easy sex. #thingsyourmamashouldhavetoldyou

You know what I do not understand with men? There constant need to judge a woman with the single conclusion that something makes her ‘a target for easy sex’. The thing about an opinion like that, is that it is less about the woman more about the guy’s simplistic perception.

Do not get it twisted women know when they are sexy, they know what makes them feel that way and what doesn’t. However a man having the idea that a woman is a target for easy sex based on some ink simply means that the man is objectifying the woman in that way.

Does that mean that a woman shouldn’t have art, of course not because unfortunately tattoos are not the only thing people use to objectify women.

What she wears could come into question or how big her butt is, or her skin tone or the way she behaves around the opposite sex. There are many things that can be said about a woman by any man based on there thoughts about sex and how they personally view the opposite sex.

On the other hand I have my own personal views of tattoos, specifically sleeves. While I love seeing great work they are not for me. I am way too flaky and so it is safer for me to not have any at all.

If you go into your closet and find your favorite pair of leggings, would you decide to wear that pair for the rest of your life? This is essentially how I view a tattoo sleeve of any sort. In that sense it would diminish my look because I would not be able to turn it off when I want to. But that’s me!

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We recognize that there are perceptions that are often placed on us based on how we look. That is just the way this world is built. For example if you decide to get inked from head to toe, new studies say that it is unlikely that you will get a job in certain industries. #fact

If you are inked in certain places on your body with the idea that the placement and the ink is sexy do not be surprised if you are not the only one that thinks so.

Being sexy however does not mean you are easy or a tramp but you might just have to deal with those notions at times which can be very frustrating if that isn’t the type of attention you want.

Comment below, do you think a woman who is tatted up diminishes her look and becomes a target for sex?

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