Come to the castle but don’t say shit about what it looks like, we are royalty but please, no pictures. I dunno guys seems to me that if you choose to get married in an Castle then you would want people to talk about it, but I could be wrong, you never know with these Royalty types.

Prince Wade and Princess Union will be getting marred at the Chateau Artisan which is 19000 square feet, 8 bedrooms 7.5 bathrooms and sits comfortably on 14 acres of land.

The two have had there loyal worker bees at the castle tending to the Royal wedding making sure everything is just perfect in case you are tempted to put even one photograph on Instagram. They want this to be an experience that you can only remember in your mind if you are lucky enough to attend.

According to reports they wanted somewhere that was protected by a Moat so that things could be kept totally private, so don’t even think about swimming to the reception there will be man power guarding the gates and checking I.D’s.


Somehow this seems a bit much for little ole Gabby and lil ole Dwayne, are they trying to make this a Kardashian “who will get the story first” kind of affair? Seems so!

Wouldn’t it be funny if they had all this exclusivity and then Kim Kardashian gets preggers by another man on the same weekend they get married and sends out a tweet that she will be wearing a bikini and then all of the paparazzi that rented boats to sneak into the castle will decide Kardashian is a better the story.

Phew that was a mouthful! The point is the couple is making sure nobody steals their shine on that day and that they are at least a contender for wedding of the century.

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Maybe they are doing a reality show, “Gabby finally gets married after 40 years.” Either way you have to admit, the castle was a nice touch.

Kardashian 1 Princess Union and Prince Wade TBD

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