Dwayne Wade has stepped in way off the court that few NBA superstars would by gaining custody of his 12-year-old nephew Dahveon Morris this week.

Wade has spent a lot of time with his nephew over the past three years and now he’s made it official by becoming his legal guardian. Daheveon hasn’t had it easy, in fact there isn’t even a father listed on his birth certificate.

Wade’s sister, Deanna Morris, will still retain parental rights but Wade is more than willing to provide financially for his nephew. Dwyane, 32, and his newlywed wife, actress Gabrielle Union, 41, will officially will be raising Dahveon. He ought to be, his salary next year will be over $18 million…I think he can afford day care.

It should be noted though that while Dwayne should certainly be applauded for taking responsibility in the raising of another human being, he’s not exactly squeaky clean. Last year while “on break” with Gabrielle, apparently he felt the need to open himself up to all kinds of trouble by knocking up a random groupie in Los Angeles.

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It should be noted that Wade had not yet popped the question when the love child was conceived, but reports state that Gabrielle was furious. However, the two have since reconciled and everything seems peachy.

At least Wade owned up to the baby boy, which may have been the smartest thing for him to do. Take his medicine now rather than a whole slew of paternity suits, bad press, and scandal.

Although, Dwayne has definitely has had some missteps, it’s refreshing to see a star athlete take responsibility for his actions in the bedroom and even go the extra mile to add a new member to his family when he was under no obligation do to so.

When you see the likes of other notorious fathers like Shawn Kemp (7 kids/6 mothers), Willis McGahee (9 kids/8 mothers), and Antonio Cromartie (12 kids/9 mothers), Wade’s faults pale in comparison. When did Cromartie have time to play football by the way?

Dwyane Wade also has custody of his 2 sons by high school sweetheart and ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches. Hopefully, this marks a plateau in life where Dwayne is really growing up and being a man which is something from which every man can learn a lesson.

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