How soon is too soon to show your new guy your natural face without makeup? This is a question I raised to one of my best friends after a guy whom I just met wanted to FaceTime me that same night, out the blue.

I mean, I don’t have anything to hide but I know I’m not the only one who feels that early on in a dating situation you want to put your best “face” forward. Not to say that I always have to have a full face of makeup, but  I certainly want to make sure the grocery bags under my eyes are always fully covered!

The new guy in question was a guy that I met online on a dating app. Everything was going smoothly, but he asked me to FaceTime him before he asked me on a first date. I understand that this is the age of photoshop and catfish, but I mean at least give a girl some warning!

It was a normal Monday night after a long day of work. I was in the dingiest baggy tee shirt, and oversized sweats, hair tied, and zero makeup. He asked me if I wanted to FaceTime him? Of course my first response was “No!” because I did not feel like making myself presentable, but after texting my best friend, I wanted to see if he would actually care about my appearance, and just accept me at my worst.

So I’m not gonna lie, I at least took the head scarf off, but I didn’t change my clothes or even put on some eyeliner. I was completely shocked when we didn’t end the conversation until 2 hours later, and the next day he asked me out on a real date! On the real date he even made mention how he liked that I presented him with my “all natural” and didn’t feel the need to hide anything. Of course I took the compliment, but in my head I was thinking…. if only he knew.

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