Love is sweet at the beginning. Your Prince Charming is nothing short of perfect and you are willing to stake that he’s an angel – until he cheats. Then he is the scum of the earth and the devil’s own self and you drive yourself half insane with the question why. Why did he do it? Well according to a survey of two hundred men done by Counselor M. Gary Neuman in his book The Truth About Cheating, the reason is probably not what you think.

You know how you’ve always thought that men in general cheat for the thrill of a new sexual encounter? Well get this, only 8% admitted to doing it simply for a roll in the hay. Perhaps you thought it’s because the partner they cheated with is hotter than you but the survey showed that for the most part the leading lady is considered sexier because only 12% thought their cheat partner was more sexually appealing.

In fact 48% said emotional dissatisfaction was the main reason they cheated. Of the total number 66% experienced guilt about stepping out on their partner, 68% never thought they would have ever cheat and only 6% did the deed the same day they met the other person.

According to the survey do you know what cheating men want? They want you to acknowledge their efforts regardless of how insignificant you think them to be. They want you to be less wrapped up in your own issues so you can recognize when they need some quality time with you and they want you to initiate sex more often (and more frequently I suppose and experiment more when it comes to getting your freak on.