Facebook has become a part of our lives ever since it came out and status updates are one of the most popular features of the famous social networking site. A recent study examined the relationship between Facebook updates and people’s personality.

The research, published on the journal Personality and Individual Differences, revealed 5 types of people who share posts on Facebook. Looks like, even the unimportant posts we share on Facebook, tell a lot about our personality. From your aunt who uploads her kids’ pictures all the time to that popular guy with too many friends here are those five types of people.

1. Attention Seekers

People who cannot get enough attention their social lives, tend to post things that disclose their personal stuff. These drama queens are classified under the neuroticism group.

They choose topics to express themselves and get validation from other users. They care about their physical appearance a lot. Those who post selfies to show of their abs also fall into this group.

2. Extroverts

These people are the ones who use Facebook for its original purpose: to socialise and communicate. They use Facebook frequently, they have a lot of FB friends  and they talk about their social activities.

3. Open Peeps

The study defines people who are high in openness as creative, intellectual and curious. That guy who shares all the interesting posts you click and read every time is in this category.

These people do not use Facebook for socialising, they tend to use it as a medium for finding interesting info and spreading it among friends. They often share their political views and such stuff.

4. Those with Low Self-Esteem

That girl who changes her relationship status as frequent as she changes her underwear is in this group. To increase their self-worth, they usually talk about their relationships. I

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n order to prove that their romantic relationship is not bad, they post pictures and talk about their partner on their status updates. Mostly, they exaggerate the things about their life to boost their self-worth.

5. Conscientious People

These group of people use Facebook less than the others. But when they type Facebook.com and hit enter, they share their happy, family memories.

That aunt of yours who post pictures of her kids fall into this group. They often share funny things like those cute cat videos. Do you belong in one of these groups? Or do you think there are more groups than these? Comment below!

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