father sonThe internet is going crazy over what some women are calling ‘divine creation’ – Two men a father and son pose in an effort to bring women ‘closer to God’. According to the Huffington Post:

Stanfield is single but his dad is married, which undoubtedly comes as unfortunate news for countless people. However, Stanfield told BuzzFeed that his father is a pastor and he hopes that the attention the two received will “bring more women closer to God.”

Their reasoning is a bit off if you ask me, because the only thing the photo’s seem to be doing is creating a serious lust for them.

step daughter

The photos had more than 16000 retweets and about 21000 favorites. According to the guys the attention has given them a confidence boost.

black men

“Well, it’s definitely a confidence boost, not that I need one, but it’s cool,” Stanfield told BuzzFeed. “I think it’s a blessing that me and my dad’s physical stature has an overwhelming effect on some women.”

Well we wont get all political or spiritual on this one, but like everyone else we can appreciate some good looking brothers.

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Wont he do it!

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