Fotor0909160051As New York Fashion Week comes to its final days we have been enjoying all of the looks but we have been especially interested in what Rihanna has been wearing for each day. The original bad gyal has not disappointing us at all, we have some favorites that we just had to share.

1. Rihanna shows support to her pal Adam Selman at his NFW show, in the most adorable dress ever. He was the one that designed that controversial Swarvoski Gown that we can all never ever forget.


2. Plunging neckline, this black ensemble is everything!

Fotor09072344373. That plunging neck line seems to be her thing this year, ofcourse we get it, after all Nefertiti has to get some shine. This was probably our least favorite, but her shoes so simple but oh so adorbs.

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna highlight the Alexander Wang Spring 2015 Runway Show in NYC

4.One of our faves so far, again plunging neckline, and very sexy suit



Yet another jumpsuit, Riri keeps things pretty conservative which is not typical of her but pretty refreshing. For hair and makeup Riri went with an easy breezy look, with wavy hair and a few tendrils here and there with simple jewelry and light on the makeup. She looked like she was even rocking her new lippie from MAC which I am sure will sell out in no time.

rarely rarely has a style we absolutely hate, and if we hate it, we are usually talking about how much we hate it all day long keeping her trending everywhere, which is always good.

One of my favorite pieces is her blue pendant body chain. We cant see the whole thing but if you look at most of her pictures you will notice it being used as a perfect accent for some of her looks this year. Body chains are really popular this year and will be even more so in 2015, so if I had to pick one thing, for me that would be it.

What are your favourite looks from this years NYFW?