Waist training is pretty popular and we have an arsenal of videos from various women who can show you that it does actually work. They get the tiny waist perfectly proportioned with hips and a bit of a boodie. The whole phenomenon reminds me of the love Jessica rabbit I think she started this mess!

The truth is waist training has been around for years and on the flip side of the coin doctors and health professions have all spoken out about the practice trying desperately to show women what actually happens to them internally when they are consistently wearing a band or some saran wrap.

Who wants to risk having their organs shifted? Or who wants to constantly wear some form of device on a daily basis? It is a very unrealistic way to live, the best way to trim your waist is with diet, cardiovascular exercise and target work.

How do you get the tiniest waist ever?

1. Diet

Alkaline Diet

Before we even get into the work outs if your diet is designed to expand your waist then logically you wont be able to use exercise to fix the issue. Eat for a slimmer waist by incorporating food that your body uses daily to improve the way you look and for your body to function.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, healthy fats and protein is a very simple diet for our version of waist training. This diet is a diet of abundance depending on what you are eating. In other words the more spinach you eat the better your digestion, skin, hair and brain.

When we adopt diets that have limitations chances are the food is not good for you when you eat a lot of it so weight loss is dependent on your will power and not the little packaged food.

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The number one rule is stay away from processed food when you are training!  Here’s our guide for how to follow an healthy daily lifestyle with the The Alkaline Diet.

2. Cardio

Why to add Running onto Weight Training

This is for overall weight reduction, because even though your focus is your core it is almost impossible to shrink just your core unless you are waist training which even then will need some over all exercise.

We suggest keeping things simple like a 3 mile walk or just head to the gym for a variety of cardio options! If you prefer weight workouts, read these 5 Ways To Sneak Cardio Into Your Weights Workout.

3. Focus on your core

Forget About Waist Training Try The Longer Lasting And Safe Route For Your Smallest Waist Ever 1

Core work, is a must if you want to reduce your ab’s we have two videos you can use for this.

a. Transverse abdominal exercises – These muscles are the foundation of great abs

The the ultimate waist training workout
b. Lose inches of your waist by shaking your hips:

Throw out those waist trainers girls, time to put in some work!

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