Tyra Banks is being sued by former “American’s Next Top Model” Angelea Preston. Preston appeared on the modeling reality show in season 17, but claims she got the boot from the contest due to her background as an escort.

At first glance this one seems like another completely ridiculous suit, but in Hollywood almost anything goes. The ousted model is looking for $3 million dollars in a lawsuit that was filed in the Los Angeles. The legal action names both the CW network and Tyra personally as defendants. The suit is alleging breach of contract and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Not only does Preston claim she was discriminated against, but was in fact “entitled” to the America’s Next Top Model grand prize. The award includes a $100,000 Cover Girl cosmetics contract and a spread in Vogue Italia. It should be noted she never even appeared on that season of the show in the first place!

Preston appeared on season 14 of the show but didn’t win. Then she was invited back for the “all star” season 17. Before the shooting of that season began to film, show runners discovered Angela Preston had worked as an escort.

Preston’s lawyers claim her employment as an escort didn’t violate any of the show’s rules because it happened before she started working on the show. The lawsuit also alleges that “the show’s contestants were subjected to bad working conditions, including working for 12 hours without any meal break.”

Ok, here’s why your lawsuit is total BS Angelea, in no particular order. Doctors and truck drivers work long hours and they know what they’re getting into. Sometimes shows, regardless of what kind it is, have to film to make deadlines and stay under budget. Cry me a river if you had to work.

The show isn’t a public utility or a regular employer, it’s entertainment. They can hire and fire for whatever reasons the see fit. It would be like suing Hollywood because they wouldn’t let you be a movie star even though you thought you were really, really qualified. Guess what, that’s not up to you.

With any luck, the ridiculously frivolous suit won’t even make it to court. You’re allowed to not hire people if the break the law, and if your casting for a TV show you don’t need any reason at all to not hire someone.

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This obviously just a money grab and an attempt to drag Tyra Banks through the mud.

CW released a statement the showed their not too worried about this lawsuit either:

“As noted during the broadcast of the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ finale in 2011, information about Angelea was learned after production wrapped on that cycle that led to her disqualification from the competition. We are confident that her lawsuit has no merit.”

The network hit this one on the head. This nonsense will be thrown out with the rest of the garbage.

Image Src: Tinseltown / shutterstock.com

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