Cleansing your entire system is key to having a healthy body. I always see products being promoted for colon cleansing, which leads people to believe that that’s the only area that needs to be detoxed.

Sure, the colon is actually where a lot of diseases stem from and having it detoxified is key to healing and staying healthy, but what about your kidneys, liver and endocrine system (i.e. adrenal and thyroid glands)? These are your body’s natural detox and hormonal balancing mechanisms.

I also notice that most people who look for a detox are either sick or overweight, but it should be used by everyone regularly. All of these areas need to be detoxed annually, and one great way to do so is with herbs.

But to give your system maintenance work throughout the year, you can use detox teas. You can easily make an herbal blend to sip on for 30-90 days until your system has been completely restored.

It’s best to use detox teas with a detoxifying diet, such as the alkaline diet, which helps to keep your system clear of toxins, mucus and other unwanted substances.

Which herbs should you use in your detox tea?

There are many different herbs out there, so knowing which ones to choose is key. Using the wrong type of herb could have you doubled over in the bathroom for many hours (or even days).

You want to save the hard stuff for detox pills, which are given to you in smaller doses. So for this article, I will focus on lighter detox agents that you can safely drink.

I want to note that herbs that detox are usually very bitter, making them pretty nasty to drink anyway. So I’ve listed some that aren’t too bad, so that you can stick with your detox throughout your 1-3 month detox.

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Ginger root:

This can be found at your local grocery store in the produce aisle. I personally prefer to buy the actual root, rather than a box of tea bags.

It’s very affordable and tastes really good. Just smelling this stuff will have your nose running, and that’s because it is an expectorant.

It will dispel excess phlegm in your body, which is a great thing, since mucus is where body invaders dwell (fungi, bacterium, cancer, etc.). It can be used daily for as long as you want, and is recommended you do drink it regularly to keep away colds and flu.


This is an African herb that is regularly drank to keep away a variety of diseases and health conditions. It also helps to aid your liver, allowing it to do what it needs to do to detoxify your body. This can be purchased online — I have yet to see it sold in stores, but it is finally gaining in popularity here in America.

Red clover:

Red clover is very high in antioxidants, which will help to detoxify your system of free radicals and toxins that you consume via water, food and air. It’s not recommended that you take this if you have fibroids, since it is estrogenic.

Yellow dock:

This is a bitter herb, but a great one for cleansing out your digestive track. It acts as a mild laxative in small doses and will help your liver detoxify your system. If you have problems with digestion, this will definitely help.

Burdock root:

This nourishes the entire body and has a lot of iron, which is essential for delivering oxygen and nutrients (and herbs) throughout your system. It’s excellent for your liver and lymph system.

Dandelion root:

This is well-known for detoxifying the liver, while at the same time nourishing your system. It is safe and gentle and acts as tonic for your endocrine system. This is a bitter herb, so you will have to blend with others to help bring down the taste.


This is one of my favorites. I love the smell and the taste of this herb. It is a great detoxifying agent, which focuses on multiple areas, such as your pancreas, bladder, kidneys and colon. It’s also known to help improve liver function.

How to Create a herbal detox tea

Now, it’s time to put it all together. You want to make a blend and then use about a teaspoon of that blend per cup of brewed water. The only thing that won’t be included is the ginger root, which will be the primary ingredient, since it is a root rather than a powder/herb.

The blend:

2 TB lemongrass
2 TB neem
2 TB red clover
1/2 TB dandelion root
1/2 TB burdock root

To make:

Chop off three inches of ginger root and chop that into smaller pieces. Place that into a pot of 2 cups of water. Allow it to boil, then put it on medium low.

Once the water becomes a dark yellow and hasa strong aroma, add in a teaspoon of your blend and allow it to simmer for 15 minutes.

Strain the tea and drink with either 100% pure maple syrup, date syrup (don’t use if you have fibroids), coconut sugar or raw agave nectar. You can reuse the ginger root the entire day. It’s best to drink your tea 2-3 times daily.

Make sure that during your tea detox that you’re drinking at least a gallon of water. This will help the herbs disperse throughout your system and will assist with detoxification.

You will use the bathroom a lot during your detox, so drinking will keep you hydrated and make bowel movements easier. If you can get your hands on alkaline water, even better!

How To Formulate A Detox Tea To Cleanse Your Whole Body


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