I can hear an uproar from women all over America when topics like polygamy are brought up. It’s taboo, sinful and a host of other things that people have conjured up over the decades. The same goes for gay marriage — a lot of people are for it, but just as many are against it for the same reasons they omit polygamy — it’s against God. But is it?

Polygamy, as we know, is mentioned throughout the bible, and for Christians, Muslims and Jews to turn it down is more of an opinion and personal belief than facts based on evidence. There are some people who believe in the old testament only, which permits men to marry multiple women, while Christ followers shun it. However, it’s also seen in nations where Islam is practiced and even in Africa.

The argument here shouldn’t be based on your own feelings, but the feelings of those who want to practice it. If this is something they wish to do, why not allow them to? If it’s alright for homosexuals to engage in their lifestyles freely, why can’t polygamous families? If anything, it’s promoting family and reproduction, so what’s the harm?

You can say that it’s berating women, but they are the ones who agreed to enter such relationships. No one is forcing them to — at least, not here in America. I’m not talking of cults or countries where women and little girls are forced to marry men, but normal everyday people who partake in this lifestyle — yes, there are quite a few who live this way discreetly. Both blacks and whites.

One Montana couple that isn’t so discreet are Nathan, Victoria and Christine Collier, who were inspired by the same-sex marriage victory to go after their own polygamous dreams. So him and his two wives applied for a marriage license and said that if they’re denied, they will sue.

According to reports, the support for polygamy is rising. It went from 5% in 2006 to 16% in 2015. That could be in part due to the exposure of it in the media on shows like “Sister Wives.”

Now, this is a debate that will continue on and on for many decades, but it all comes down to this — why do you care? You can choose what relationships you want to be in, so why does it matter to you who others decide to be with and how many?

Is it our right to stop gays from marrying each other or multiple women from loving and marrying the same man? Is there real harm being done by people living this way or are we just being biased and judgmental? Check out one woman who makes the case for polygamy, thinking it can actually ‘heal the black community’

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