Years ago when I used a trainer he would always say to me, doing the bench press is great because it gives women perky boobs. We are always looking for perky breasts but not all of us are prepared for surgery.

Mind you at the time I thought it was a bit provocative for him to discuss how we like our boobs with me, but on the other hand I figured he was just being real. To be honest he was right.

Sagging breasts, non existent breasts or too much fat around the chest area can be a problem. We all want to look perky with a tight and fit chest area especially as we lose or gain weight.

There are many ways to keep things looking ‘alert’ around the chest. In this post we want to focus on just three boob exercises, starting with the most awkward.

3 At Home Boob Exercises:

1. Decline Bench Press

Bench pressing in general will give you that lift that surgery tends to give. Of course, surgery is more extreme but if you want a slight lift focusing on your pectoral muscles or pecs, bench pressing will do it for you.

Decline bench press is the one exercise many women tend to forget about. They will do a regular bench all day long, but skip the awkwardness of pushing weights while slightly upside down.

The decline bench builds the lower muscles of the chest allowing the fatty tissue to sit upright, hope that makes sense!

When performing the decline bench press find someone to help you the first time because you might feel a bit off balanced even though you aren’t.

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2. Chest Fly (Incline or Flat)

The best conditioning exercise for chest that I know, it is typically performed last when doing a chest work out.  The exercise focuses on the smaller muscles that give you that sexy gap right where our boobs tend to want to meet.

Flys isolate your pecs and give you a great stretch which means you cant use too much weight when you do them. Just enjoy the stretch so use manageable dumbbells to get them done.

We recommend doing flys on a flat bench so that you can get an effective stretch in comparison to the floor.

3. Modified Push ups

I hate them, most girls in my circle hate them, but they are good for you. They burn excess fat around the breast area and tone the muscles. Here is the thing though, for lift and to keep some of your bounce *wink* do a modified push up.

This means do not go all the way down to the floor, just go far enough to where your elbow is bent and your arms are parallel to the floor.

On the other hand, if you have alot of fat around your chest area then alternate between a full push up and a modified push up.

The idea is that you will do only enough to burn the right amount of fat that you need to give you a really nice lift.

There you have it, 3 boob exercises that can help get you the perfect natural breast lift! No surgery required.

Exercise and diet are part of a healthy lifestyle, and the ideal routine includes working out more than just your boobs.  Here’s another best ab workout and exercise to eliminate back fat.

Get a Natural Breast Lift with only 3 Boob Exercises


Sagging boobs got you down? Get a natural breast lift, not with surgery, but with working out key areas. Use just three boob exercises to give yourself an automatic boob lift, no invasive surgery required.

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