The other evening, one of my friends sent me a funny Meme with a picture of Russell Wilson wearing an outfit that looked like something your grandpa would wear. It was to say that, maybe if women gave those guys a chance, some of us wouldn’t be single today.

After I got my laugh in, I really started to think about it, was I too picky? And, a moment later, I thought about a guy that I curved because he was being too nice to me. Like, saying that out loud is actually embarrassing, why would anyone curve someone who was too nice to you? Well I did, and I wish I could say that was the only time, but it has happened multiple times!

The first guy was a guy named Cleveland. At the time, I was 22 and he was 33, so there was a considerable age gap. I met Cleveland at a local night club one night when I was out with my girls. He bought us a round of drinks, and had good convo, so when he asked for my number, I obliged. That night Cleveland texted me and said that he was very glad he met me and hoped that I got home safely.

I thought that was nice, so I texted back letting him know that I did, and inserted a smiley face. The next evening, he called me and asked me out on a date. Back then I was a tad bit immature, so the fact that he called me wasn’t a plus, it was actually a negative.

I hated talking on the phone when you can just say anything via text. However, I talked to him long enough to set up the date and made up some excuse as to why I had to get off the phone.

The first date with Cleveland was nice. He took me to a very fancy restaurant, actively engaged in conversation about me, and didn’t solely talk about himself, and he was just an all around gentlemen.

You would think that when he dropped me off I would have been on cloud 9, but I was still just nonchalant about the whole thing. Honestly, I was just happy that I got a free meal and drinks. Cleveland and I went on a few more dates, and each time I saw him I would find something else wrong with him. For example, he would give me so many compliments, and always tell me how beautiful I was, and that would annoy me.

Or, the time that he wanted me to go out with some of his friends, or to a family gathering and I thought that was totally lame. I eventually started to curve him and then stopped responding to his messages altogether.

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Thinking back on it now, I actually feel bad about the whole situation. I, at least, owed him the decency of communicating with him and letting him know why I was uninterested. I suppose it is too late now!

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