What was meant to be a little I miss you sexting turned into something quite the opposite when a young man realized hi girlfriend was cheating on him with her boss.

Via BScott

The man, who hasn’t been identified, was texting his girlfriend Jackie who was supposed to be on a solo business trip in Atlanta when she began to strip and send him racy images.

In her first message, Jackie says her flight got in ‘a little late’ and that she was just about to hop in the shower before arriving at the hotel.

She then sent him a picture of her sexy outfit. Feeling excited, the man told Jackie to ‘keep going,’ which is when she sent him a picture of herself a little more stripped down.

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THAT’s when he saw a striped suitcase that didn’t belong to his girlfriend in the corner.

‘Wait,’ he texted her back, ‘Are you alone?’ 

‘Of course! LOL I don’t know anyone in Atlanta,’ Jackie replied.

That’s when her man asked for her room number.

Jackie then told him she’s in room 1422 before sending ‘not this again’, clearly hinting the two have gone through something like this before.

‘Just call my room number if you don’t believe me,’ she added.

Poor Jackie — she forgot the room wasn’t under her name. It was under her boss’ name.

I just asked to be connected to you and they said no Jackie (redacted last name) was staying in the hotel,’ her boyfriend replied.

‘I asked if Tom (redacted last name) was and they connected me to room 1422.’

That’s when her man went off because he knew for sure his girl had planned a getaway with her side piece: