Ashton, Kenton and I have been friends since college. I knew Ashton first, and through him was how I meant Kenton. Ashton and I dated for like one day and then immediately realized that we were better suited as friends, and were basically best friends from then on.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 when Ashton told me that he was moving into my apartment complex, and I couldn’t be happier! We weren’t best friends who talked every day, so I knew now that he was going to be my neighbor it would be a chance to reconnect.

Ashton moved in with Kenton, who also went to our college. I would see Kenton often around campus, but he was in a serious relationship basically all through undergrad, so spotting him without his girl was few and far between. Plus I was in a relationship too so catching up was super rare.

However, once Ashton and Kenton moved in I found myself at their apartment for at least 4-5 times a week. I would go over after work some days, or on the weekends just to chill and unwind. It was great! I think friendships with guys are some of the best bonds, because it’s just a different type of closeness.

One day, however, I stopped by and Ashton wasn’t around. At this point, I had hung around Kenton enough to be comfortable enough to hang out with him one on one without Ashton, but it didn’t happen too often.

Kenton and I were just talking as normal, and then out of the blue he asked me if I ever had a thing for Ashton. I thought he was just being his usual silly self, so I was like “no, of course not” and laughed it off. Then, he said, “so have you ever thought about me and you being a thing?”

By this point I was clear that he wasn’t joking, but it was so awkward that I just said.. no, and tried to quickly change the subject. Luckily, Ashton walked in the door and the conversation was officially dropped.

I’ve always heard the saying that girls and guys can’t just be friends, but I thought that the saying was a myth, because I was living proof that they could be, or so I thought. Kenton never brought that up again, and neither did I, but in the back of my mind I always wonder how the conversation would have gone if Ashton didn’t come home. Not to mention its always like an elephant in the room between us whenever I see him.

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