The best facial Hair removal creams work in just a matter of minutes leaving you feeling smooth and hair free! They may not be permanent, but are a rather painless method that also can leaving your skin hair free.  Facial creams are one of the 6 ways to remove facial hair.

However, you need to be especially careful to read the application instructions and not leave too long. It is a chemical that dissolves the hair at the surface of the skin. Due to the chemicals in the hair removal creams, they change the skin pigmentation. So take care with dark skin to avoid a shadow. These creams contain strong chemicals and could cause severe skin reactions and burns, blisters etc.

For most of us Urban Gyals the pros do out way the cons in the fight against female facial hair.  Our favorite method is still an all natural tumeric and sea salt hair removal solution that can lead to permanent hair removal. If you do opt-in for the fast hair removal cream method, here’s some of the creams I have found success with.

Make sure to test a small amount of the cream on a small area, follow the directions, and choose a good brand without cheap fillers. Painlessly removing female facial hair, in a matter of minutes, at an extremely low cost towards other products.

How do Facial Hair Removal Creams Work?

It’s important to understand the science behind facial hair removal creams. With the super sensitivity and small area of the face, some products may suit you better than others. Hair Removal Creams are called depilatory creams, and work by dissolving the hair.

The most essential part of a hair is from the structure called Keratin, and this is what needs to be destroyed. The most commonly used ingredient in hair removal creams is Thioglycolic acid (TGA). It is this TGA acid that breaks down the keratin and dissolves it so it can be wiped away from the skin.

These chemicals you are applying to your skin will weaken the hair BUT they will burn if left on too long so as another friendly reminder to not to leave on too long.

The Best Facial Hair Removal Creams:

Veet is one of the top brands for hair removal products.  All Veet products are designed for normal to dry skin. Veet Botanics is the only product line designed for the sensitive of your face.  The veet hair removal creams claim to remove hair in as little as 3 minutes.  Check the latest price online.

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5 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 15 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 2

Sally Hanson has is one of the most economical and fasted working facial hair removing cream. It actually only takes 3 minutes for your treatment. Sally Hanson is one company that has been around for al only time and has several other hair removal products as well. This facial cream has added benefits and formulated with vitamin E for smooth skin, has improved smell, reduces future hair growth, and moisturizing while removing hair.  Check the latest price online.

5 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 35 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 4

I think once of the best solutions for the facial hair issue is the Olay Facial Hair removal Duo. The main reason I love this depilatory cream is that it prepares your skin in advance. This really helps with the irritation that comes with cream hair removal products. Often, the results of redness, breakouts, and burning sensations can deter people from using these types of products to begin with. For hair on the sensitive skin of the face, this lotion is great at removal. Check the latest price online.

5 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 55 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 6

Nair Hair Removal Cream is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.  It is one of the more sensitive brands that has been tested and recommended by many dermatologists (including my own). Enriched with rice oil & grape seed extract to gently but effectively remove hair as well as moisturize & nourish the skin leaving it soft and smooth to the touch. Check the latest price.

5 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 75 Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin 8

Surgi-Cream’s hair removal process is even more kind and gentle on the delicate. It usually requires more treatments, but is worth using.  It has added Vitamin B2 and Aloe Vera to help calm, soothe and moisturize your skin afterward. As a bonus   It includes a free tube of Surgi-Soothe Cream with Hair Stop Plus Extract to stop future hair growth. Check the latest price online.

In order to reduce the chance of irritating your skin, start with the lowest application time recommended and work your way up. If the first treatment does not work, wait 10+ minutes and apply the second layer or it will burn and irritate the skin.

Start by testing some cream with a small patch before applying to a larger area or your face. To take the most precautions, wait 24 hours for the full treatment until you finish the test patch to ensure no adverse effects. There may be slight tingling’s, however if you are experiencing excessive pain, stop immediately and wash it off.

As these facial hair removal creams are very cost effective, you may want to test several brands to see which is best.

Ladies, make sure to do these facial hair removal creams treatments at night. If you do end up with redness or irradiation, nobody else will see you. If you don’t think hair removal creams are right for you, check out the other 10 methods for facial hair removal.  Some of these include permanent, natural, and the classic solutions.

Which is your favorite hair removal cream?  Share with the community below!

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10+ Best Facial Hair Removal Creams For Women with Sensitive Skin


Learn which Facial Hair Removal Creams work best for sensitive skin. We review Sally Hanson, Olay, Nair, Veet, and Moon depilatory hair removal creams.

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