It’s official: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have called it quits on their marriage. According to court paperwork, they made Monday their official date of separation and both cited irrevocable differences as the cause. On Tuesday, they publicly announced that they are no longer an item.

They released a joint statement which implied that, even though they can’t stand each other, they’ll still be in each others’ lives for the sake of their 2-year-old son, Maceo-Robert.

Their terms for the divorce are in contrast, though. Martinez wants spousal support from Berry (to be sorted out sometime later). Berry, on the other hand, has not asked for any spousal support.

They both want joint custody of their son, with a small difference. Berry wants Martinez to say in advance when he intends to take their son Maceo out of California. She also wants him to offer transport to and from visits.
So, what made the two decide there was no future in their marriage?

According to sources, part of the reason was Martinez’s temper. The French actor had a tendency to rub people the wrong way. In 2012, he was involved in a brawl with Aubry during Thanksgiving. And early this year, he was seen pushing an LAX employee with a baby seat–the employee has sued both Martinez and Berry for $5 million. Another reason for the couple’s split was disagreements over their living arrangements.

Halle Berry wanted to raise her two kids in Europe. Other than Maceo, she has a daughter, Nahla, with another man. However, there were never-ending custody issues with her ex and Nahla’s dad, Gabriel Aubry. This kept her from leaving the US. Martinez, meanwhile, had never found happiness in LA. He wanted to live somewhere else.

The couple met while on the set of Dark Tide in 2010. They fell in love and got married in France on July 13, 2013. Berry gave birth to their son later that year, on October 5th. This will be Berry’s third divorce, after Eric Benet in 2001 and David Justice in 1993. Alternatively, this is Martinez’s first divorce.

It’s always sad to see a couple falling out of love, especially when they’ve already got married and even had a kid together. It seems like the saying “till death do us part” no longer applies in today’s society, especially for celebrities.

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