The paps can be mad disrespectful, a girl cant go to the grocery store in peace without someone asking a question, not to mention the pictures, ugh! so annoying and then there is the stupid millions of dollars you get from the publicity. Just sucks so bad!

Iggy Izalea lost her mind and it was all caught on video. She seems so angry, and so ….. um evil. Who wishes Ebola on a person let alone says they hope that they die.

According to the photagrapher, Iggy’s freind spat on him and to that he responded:

Maybe I have AIDS now, maybe I have Ebola!

Iggy then responds

“I hope you have Ebola, I hope you die, you’re a fucking cunt.”

She continues:

“I don’t want you to invade my life! You’re in a store.” “Being a musician doesn’t give you the right to sneak into a supermarket and take photographs of somebody buying eggs. That’s not a public space, it’s private. You’re inside a store taking pictures of people. It’s not okay. It’s not cute. And next time, I will have people with me that will do something to remove you.”

Iggy honey, you might need a couple of people. The first person I might suggest is someone to explain that it isnt ok to wish death on someone else because they take a picture of you getting eggs and a tampon.

You will also need someone to explain to you that the paps love an explosive crazy celeb, its the best kind, great for clicks, and magazines and youtube, you know cool shit like that.

Then you will need a person to tell you that you need people to buy your eggs, you are that famous! weird, I know. You will need just one more person, you don’t have to pay them much, there job is to keep reminding you that you are so not the queen of rap.

Maybe you can get out of this one with an apology, tsk tsk you hope he gets Ebola? Who says that!? – Check out the video:

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