Your instagram feed can never have too many muscles and six pack shots.  But today we are bringing you all that same goodness but plus the bad boy tattoos.  If you are looking for tattoo inspiration for dark skin, maybe these tattoo examples can help!

Here are 10 of the hottest black men with tattoos:


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Caption: “Don’t apologize for being who you are”.  Yves was just rated in the Top 10 of Queer POC on social media by Hornet.

Lebron Flames

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Lebron Flames is into music and has 4 songs listed on Spotify. But with his instagram profile we couldn’t help include him in this list!  Can you blame us?

Kemar Cummings

Model from the United Kingdom

Darius Wells

Based in California, United States

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 Brandon Williams

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I love the caption on this photo Brandon Williams posted “The sinner with a future, a saint with a past”.

Darrel Swave

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Austin Doston

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Hybrid Athlete and his hard work shows!  Not a model per se, but his instagram profile is off the hook, so we had to feature in our black male men with tattoo’s profile.

Quincy Giles

This photo of Quincy Giles reminds me of a favorite quote, “Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless”.

Kevin Clark

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Beards and Tattoo’s, yep!

Chadoy Leon

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Chadoy Leon promotes health and fitness, and at the same time posts some of these bombshells on his IG.

Widmarck Emile


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20 + Hot Black Men With Tattoos


Looking for tattoo ideas? Check out these hot black men with tattoo’s. The best ink for chests, forearms, chests, shoulders, for dark skin tones.

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