If you have moved to a new town or city, one of the hassles you will face is selecting a new stylist. Most people are not quick to get a new stylist. It’s hard to trust a stranger with your hair.

You need someone who understands you, and that you enjoy spending time with while getting your haircut.  For me, visiting my hairstylist is an experience.

As Joan Crawford once said, “I think the most important thing a woman can have, next to her talent, of course – is her hairstylist.” 1942, Hollywood Reporter Interview



The tips below will help you make an otherwise complicated process much smoother. Just read them very carefully to get yourself started easily.

1. Get a Stylist who Cares

Styling your hair is more than just sitting in a chair for some time, and you are done. You need to find a stylist who cares about the health of your hair. Such a professional will consider the strength of your hair, your scalp, and overall hair health before styling it.

Hair professionals who care will ask questions such as when you last trimmed it, relaxed it, and any other touch-ups. If your hair is weak, the stylist may advise against relaxing it. This is to avoid damaging your hair. Go for someone who cares about the health of your hair.

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But it’s not all up to your hairstylist.  Your everyday at home maintenance is just as important.  Did you know that you loose40-150 strands of hair per day?  That explains a lot about my shower drain.  Keeping your hair growing is part of a healthy head of hair, here’s 5 tips to getting healthy growing hair.

2. Go for Convenience

When searching for a new salon or stylist, pay attention to the services they provide. In today’s fast-paced world, you rarely have the time to visit different salons. Get a salon that does manicures, pedicures, hair color, tanning, facials, and even massages. Consolidate these activities to save time. Convenience gives you relaxing, rewarding, desirable beauty salon experiences.

There’s no better way to book conveniently than by an app, try these 3 find a hair stylist apps.

3. Quality Hair Products

The beauty industry is filled with many products. Hair care is a booming business, and this has led to many inferior products. Most are imitations. You need to be careful about the products you use on your hair. Read genuine reviews to learn more about products.  Choose a stylist that has good quality products, that’s what you can expect during your treatment.

Some of my favorite hair care lines are:

Additionally, stay clear of stylists who are product pushers. While your hairdresser may suggest products, they should not be too pushy. Most stylists also stock their products, but you need to have the freedom to choose products that are safe and good for your hair.

If you are looking for an all natural product, I love using argan oil and cold pressed marula oil.

Quality hair products are not the only ingredient for healthy hair.  What you eat is so important for your hair health.  Add these 8 foods to your diet for beautiful healthy hair.

4. Ensure the Stylist has Good Communication

Communication about changing appointments, lateness, and added fees needs to be done promptly. You need to have an excellent conversation with your stylist. It is very frustrating to get to the salon only to find that your hairdresser is booked or not there. In most cases, stylists have secretaries who manage their clients to ensure that all appointments are prompt.

5. Check for Reputation

Fantastic and well-done hair sells. People do not shy away from sharing pictures of great stylists. Additionally, a stylist who is proud of their work will share it on different social media platforms. Check out their pages before you book an appointment. If the salon is close by, pay
them a visit in person. Do not take everything you hear at face value; go confirm it for yourself.

Hair Stylist Review Website: checkout StyleSeat for reviews on hair stylists.

Overall, remember that the key to relaxing, rewarding, desirable beauty salon experiences starts with finding a good stylist.

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