Feeling bloated? When you body is filled with water and air you can actually get on the scale and notice that you are about 5 pounds heavier than you actually should be.

Losing weight overnight just means reducing the bloat eliminating water with hydration and feeling great over all. Here are 4 quick ways you can lose weight overnight.

1. Drink water

Yes that sounds odd because retaining water is actually the problem. The thing is your body holds on to more water whenever it feels dehydrated.

If you drink more water your body releases more water instead of holding on to it. To get your body into a more alkaline state, try adding lemon to your water, or make detox water using any of these recipes.

2. Go for a walk

Yes, exercise even the simplest kind will reduce bloat, you will drink more water and condition your body back to what it should feel like over night.

Grab your head phones and head over to the track, we promise this works every time!

3. Eat dinner slowly

This should be done everyday because the slower you eat the less air you will swallow. Chew your food, sit at the table and really enjoy your dinner. Mindless eating is what causes bloat. It does help to eat clean as well!

4. Drink ginger tea

Ginger naturally reduces bloat and helps you to eliminate! Ginger is great if you have a tummy ache as well, so sip on some ginger tea next time your tummy does not feel like itself.

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5. Unwind in a detox bath

All you need is some Epsom Salt, your tub, a few candles and a bath pillow. Relax in the bath and allow the salt to help deflate your belly so that you are not bloated any more.

If you feel particularly adventurous we say do all 5 of these tips together and watch your bloat dissappear!

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