When musicians beef, it’s usually a serious issue that can get people killed (remember Biggie and Tupac?). However, this has got to be the weirdest beef in history. On Monday, Snoop posted a meme and labeled it, “Iggy Azalea No Make Up”. This was likely meant to mock a recent paparazzi photo of Iggy without makeup.

As you’d expect, she didn’t laugh along and invite Snoop for a drink. Instead, Iggy posted some responses where she mentioned her disappointment in him, said he was being an ass for no reason, called him mean and alluded that he was a secret fan of hers.

The next day, Snoop had some choice responses to the female rapper. He called her a bitch, asking her to cool down, then went ahead and posted side-by-side photos of Iggy and Marlon Wayan’s character from “White Chicks”. Iggy responded, and the beef went on and on, much to the amusement of Twitter followers who had nothing better to do.

Snoop finally backed down, after (probably) being threatened by TI, Iggy’s manager. Snoop apologized, Iggy accepted the apology, and everyone’s lives went back to normal. Well, except for the bored-ass people who have nothing better to do and now have to go back to their dreary lives.

This beef… well, I don’t think it even qualifies as beef. Snoop was probably bored and thought he could be a troll (and hopefully a funny one). Either that, or he’s facing a mid-life crisis where he’s trying to remain relevant in the public eye. However, what he did was childish (most internet trolls are, after all, teenage kids). Iggy’s responses ranged from respectful to spiteful, but hell, she was the one on the receiving end; the girl could say whatever the hell she wanted.

Anyway, it’s fortunate the “attempted beef” didn’t escalate. This is something that never even should have happened. Hopefully, we will forget everything about it by tomorrow (Except for Snoop, who should be thinking about his life).