I saw the above picture on Facebook, and it was a photo taken of two children who were attending their Kindergarten prom.

Call me old school but I do wish our kids could just be kids. I understand the premise of celebrating a child moving up from kindergarten on to bigger and better things in elementary school, but having a prom might be a bit much.

When we have graduations for little children in our opinion the ceremony teaches them that when they work hard their achievements are celebrated.

Graduation encourages them to keep on swimming, set a goal and knock it out of the park. Additional prom can also be seen as an innocent celebration, and an opportunity to celebrate with kids as they move ahead.

The problem I have is everything that comes with Prom. The dresses, the fashion show, the lights, the red carpet. Prom’s have almost become closely akin to a celebrity attending the Met Gala where everyone wants to out do the other person.

When you bundle all of that and place it on the shoulders of a five year old, things get a bit hairy for me.

That prom dress pictured above is highly inappropriate for a child and even though the little boy looks dapper in his outfit the whole thing is just way too much for them at that age.

We say let the kids enjoy, recess, naps, toys and everything that makes childhood special give them something to look forward to in the future.

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In a world that is highly sexualised we have to work overtime to keep our children engaged in what is appropriate for them so that as they mature they can gradually understand the world they will be living in.

Many parents have made the decision to have their children miss the kindergarten prom for the very reasons I have stated. What say you? Is prom in kindergarten going to far?

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