I don’t know whether, we should wait for Beyonce to do something else of just take JayZ’s word for it. But ramblings on the street say Queen Bey is pregnant and the Beyhive is totally elated at the prospects.

Apparently JayZ gave a hint of a second child at one of the concerts during their On The Run Show in Paris. According to some concert goers:

The shocking announcement was made by Jay-Z during a performance of his song titled “Beach Is Better.” He reportedly changed up the lyrics, rapping “Cause’ she pregnant with another one” during the couple’s final performance.

Everyone is saying we should wait for an official announcement and I tend to agree, Jay was way too subtle with it. Bey does look a little poofy and by poofy we mean it in a good way.

Beyonce did confirm that Blue needs a companion in an interview she did a while back and it would be amazing if she had a sibling so we know that children are always in the future.

Another possible small clue is that Jay Z has been trying to make life easy for Bey, making sure she isn’t stressed out and that she has everything she needs while on tour.

We really could be just reading more into that one than we ought to because is that what he always does for his wife,  sometimes a girl just needs to focus and cant have confusion around her.

Either way we are happy about the hint, we hope Blue gets a little brother or sister and that the media frenzy will get quiet so that Bey can make the announcement official if at all. Maybe we will just see the growing baby bump!

By the way did you see how Bey and Nikki Minaj slayed that Flawless performance? That ish was on point, every part of it!