Jill Scott is one of the latest celebrities whose privacy has been invaded by the nude photo leak as two images appeared on Twitter of a woman that looked like Scott taking selfies. Jill did confirm that she is in one of the photos. (the one above)

The second picture she unequivocally denies as being a picture of her:

I def took the 1st pic w/ a robe; weight loss chronicle but the 2nd, sorry freaks, is not me. I wish I had that space between my thighs.

The second picture is probably not worth posting considering the level of nudity. In comparison to the above photo the woman had her breasts exposed. Jill addressed that one too with a tweet that showed her frustration.

Oh well seems to me we cant take naked pictures in the bathroom anymore, shucks! We are sure we will see more private pictures floating around on twitter until the culprits are caught. Lets hope they make an arrest soon, chances are there are a ton of worried celebs out there who do not want there private photos splashed all over the internet.

Like any scandal, we know how it is, there is hype then at some point all is forgotten, we are hoping this one will be the same scenario. The problem is we aren’t sure how many pictures will be leaked so it is hard to gauge how long we will have to endure the many stories of pictures in the wrong hands. I have a funny feeling Jill Scott isn’t the only victim left.

In the meantime in our own little world, we can’t act like we have never seen a nude photo before and if we were to somehow de-sensationalize this drama we could probably diffuse the whole thing by not paying so much attention, people could then just get on with their day.

Featured image: Gregory Reed / Shutterstock.com