It has been reported that Joan Rivers is in critical condition in a NYC hospital. I was sad when I read this because at 81 years old Joan Rivers still had it when it came to comedy. Some of her jokes did fall flat I must admit but it is her spirit that we all admire. According to reports Joan was rushed to a New York City hospital in critical condition after a call saying that a woman was in cardiac arrest.

The NYC Fire Department rushed her to the Mt. Sinai Hospital this morning and it was later confirmed that the woman was in fact Joan Rivers.

I don’t know about you but I am guilty of being a slave to her show “Fashion Police” where she is undoubtedly the life of the party. How many times would she say something and have her co-hosts doubled over in stitches or hiding there faces embarrassed because they couldn’t believe Joan just said that.

I am rooting for her and I am sure many of her fans and coworkers are too. She has been working very hard, still doing stand up comedy with shows booked all over the United States until the Holidays.

We hope she pulls though and takes a break from everything, we get it though, as we get older it helps to keep active and to connect with people as she has done. We will be waiting to hear what happens with Joan we need to keep that funny gyal alive and well. After all Joan said it best

“Ignore aging: Comedy is the one place it doesn’t matter. It matters in singing because the voice goes. It matters certainly in acting because you’re no longer the sexpot. But in comedy, if you can tell a joke, they will gather around your deathbed, If you’re funny, you’re funny. Isn’t that wonderful?”

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