Word on the street is that the Kardashian clan is afraid Rob Kardashian will go broke trying to please Blac Chyna.

Insiders told Page Six that Rob feels pressure to buy her expensive gifts like her ex, rapper Tyga, did — even though he’s not making a lot of money.

“Rob wants to buy her a new car .?.?. She wants a brand-new house before their baby is born,” said a source.

“His family wants him to slow down. They’re [thinking], ‘Is this really how you want to spend money when you’re about to have a family?’”

We have to remember that Robert isnt privy to the Kardashian cash like his sisters because he is not on the show. He has a sock company but it isnt doing that great for him to be spending lke he is. So far he has purchased a brand new Lamborghini, a $35,000 painting, $275,000 worth of Rolexes, a $325,000 engagement ring and counting.

Our thing is Blac Chyna has money too and if her family is at stake I am sure she is smart enough to do what she needs to do.

Once their show starts and the baby comes they will be just fine!

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