Lupita NyongoYou work out all year to get your body in shape and the when the Summer comes you lay under sun to get your glow on.

Now that Fall is on its way, you are probably wondering how you can maintain that Summer glow all year long? Well search no further there are a lot of products on the market that are perfect for maintaining a year long tan.

If you have never tried a dry oil shimmer, now is the time. For the ladies who like to show a little skin from time to time, the oil just gives you a little edge, not to mention they tend to smell like heaven and who doesn’t love that? The other thing we love is that a little product goes a long way.

Most times the best quality oils often will cost you a pretty penny but you wont have to repurchase for awhile so they tend to be worth every penny. To save you some time we have done the research and found 6 of the best on the market, check them out below:

1. Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil

Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil
$35 on Amazon 
3.3 fl oz
Contains tangerine and grapefruit oils and essences of ylang-ylang and tonka beans.