Going on a juice fast is a great way to lose weight, boost your immune system and detox your organs. After decades of eating the Western diet, your body is calling for nutrition and cleansing. Other than using herbal detoxes, you can use juicing as a way to clean out your colon, which has years of built up sludge from eating meat, starch and sugar.

If you’re not familiar with juice fasting, it’s when you give up food and only drink juiced fruits and vegetables (though you shouldn’t mix them together, since it results to fermentation and indigestion issues).

A lot of people resort to juicing because it’s known to help with constipation/digestion issues, weight loss, fatigue, irritability, bloating, skin problems and health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It’s an extreme process, which is why it’s important that you go into this knowing what you’re doing and what to expect.

Before you start juice fasting, be warned!

This isn’t a diet fad that you can just jump into whenever you want. You have to be prepared for what’s to come. Going on a liquid diet is just as it sounds and could mean you feeling very weak throughout the day. If you’re not careful, you could end up passing out. With that said, you have to make sure that you’re getting enough nutrition throughout your fasts, so to prevent extreme fatigue and weakness.

At the beginning of your juice fast, you will go through a crash because your body needs to adjust. But after you continue on, your energy will return and you should feel even better than when you were eating foods.

The reason a lot of people don’t juice is because they can’t afford it. It takes lots of produce to make a single cup of juice. Then add on top of that a good quality juicer, which could run you in the hundreds.

Be prepared to go to the bathroom a lot more, since your body is cleansing. For some people, it can be annoying, if not a bit embarrassing, especially at work or school.

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I recommend you only juice veggies, since they don’t contain sugar (you don’t want to drink a lot of fruits because then you’ll consume more than the daily recommended value of sugar intake), but if you do decide to add fruit for flavor, be prepared for extra gassiness and possible indigestion.

Tips for making your juice fast work

After you’ve gone ahead and purchased your juicer and produce, you should choose a future date to start juicing. It’s best if you start with a one-day fast just to see how you feel afterward. For obvious reasons, you may want to pick a day that you don’t have to work, just in case things go awry.

Once you have gotten through a day with no problem, you can try stretching it to two days next time. Depending on how your body holds up, you may even be able to extend it to seven days. The key to maintaining energy at the beginning of your juice fasting is to drink plenty of water and juice. Some folks drink as many as 12 cups throughout the day. When you’re at work, make sure to bring enough of your juice with you – just keep it in the lunchroom fridge.

Since juicing can take a lot of work, you should try making enough to last for a few days at a time and store it in the refrigerator. This is especially important when you feel weaker in the beginning and may not feel up to making more juice – and the key to this fast is to be drinking plenty of juice!

This isn’t the time to do strenuous workouts, so relax during your juice fast. If you are trying to lose weight or want to keep active, you should resort to low-impact exercises like walking or even wadding around in your swimming pool. You don’t want to overwork your body because then it’ll be looking for nutrients to replace what you’ve just used, causing you to feel weaker.

Plan your juicing in advance, so you know for sure you have enough to last you for however long you plan to fast. Some folks fast for 1-2 days, while others go for as long as 30 days. It all depends on your own goals. If you’re trying to transform your health and/or lose lots of weight, then obviously, longer would be better. But it doesn’t have to be 30 consecutive days, if you can’t handle it. Try to go as long as you can and focus on juicing in spurts.

To help ensure you’re getting enough nutrition, you should add herbal supplements to your juices, such as seaweeds, moringa and camu camu.

Approach your juice fast carefully

Bottom line is that juicing can be very effective when you plan it out. Listen to your body – if you feel too weak, drink more and if that doesn’t help, then maybe you should stop and try again another time. It’s alright to start by taking out one meal and replacing it with juice, then take out another meal, until you can remove all three and replace them with juices.

My favorite way to detox and stay healthy is with superfruit smoothies. Have you ever tried juicing? What was your experience and results?

How To Make Sure Your Juice Fast Is Safe And Effective


My favorite way to detox and stay healthy is with superfruit smoothies. Have you ever tried juicing?

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