Black Face
It is that time of year when the issue of black face becomes a pretty heated topic of discussion. It is heated at anytime but during Halloween black face seems to be the ‘thing’ to do and the backlash is always the same. In this case one make up guru was actually forced of Instagram when she posted herself in black face. She captioned the photo with the following:


She even added cute little emoji es and everything. Here is my opinion, I think people are confused by what black face actually is.

Years ago, black face was used as a means of putting down the African American race, making fun of it creating characters that have only half a brain as representations of how the white race viewed us.

There is a difference between doing that and creating a character that celebrates black skin, its beauty and everything that is positive about it. The photo in an in itself looks amazing Jcoperro did an excellent job but at some point it rubbed folks the wrong way.

Here are what some of the comments looked like:

hell she is embracing black skin more than some black people do #shame
Every body wanna be a n**ga until it’s time to be a n**ga…
“…I decided to turn myself into an African-American…”  B**ch what?

The reason other races should stay away from black face is simply because the lines get blurred even if your photo looks amazing. Black face is associated with insults and slander and to try to make it into something beautiful and change what it has meant historically carries a lot of weight. Way more than some make up and a filtered Instagram picture can carry.

In other words you, the “white girl’ celebrating black skin on Instagram is not enough to remove the stigma that black face has so it is better to stay clear of it.

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Are there instances where black face is acceptable?

Yes there are, for example one of my favorite makeup artists Jan Bonito does black face all the time as he turns himself into celebrities and characters that are popular in main stream and social media.

He is always praised for his transformations and hardly ever criticized for black face.

jan bonito

My only explanation is that people see Jan’s work as true art and talent and they do not see the same thing with makeup artist Jcoppero.jan bonito2

Personally if I were to pick the one thing that offended me the most about the JCoperro’s picture it would be the caption. “Turning myself into an African American” just did not feel right. On the flip side women of color say ‘I am going to turn myself into a white girl’ all the time.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts, should Jcoperro should have been chased off Instagram? Is she just celebrating black skin? Was her caption insulting?

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