So if you’ve had your ears to the ground you would’ve heard about the new studies which have revealed that the United States barely measured up to the average mark for ding-a-ling sizes, coming in at #61 from 80 countries.

In a society where many women let on that size is everything this could be quite an indictment on the average American male when it comes to performance in the bedroom.

 It has long been speculated that black men have the largest wankers and as evidenced in this one case in Nigeria, the size of the dong can be a deal breaker. The story broke in

After the failure of her first marriage Aisha Dannupawa, a mother of three, had married Ali Maizinari only a week earlier.

Tradition demanded that she move in with him prior to getting married but instead she was invited to his parents’ house. It is when he visited that they had their first encounter and she recognized she was inheriting a shlong.

Now a shlong isn’t just urban speak for the male genitalia; in fact it refers to a sizeable organ with remarkable endowment when it comes to length and girth. Aisha revealed that her mother had advised her to endure it as things would get better with time.

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 After the experience which she called a nightmare, she had to take medication to prepare for a second encounter but such a feat required more than the ointment and painkillers she had armed herself with.

One week later she practically begged the Sharia Court in the Nigerian state of Zamfara to allow her to part ways with her husband because intercourse with him was simply unbearable.

Poor hubby agreed that he would divorce her provided she paid back the dowry and monies spent on her during courtship. The President of the court advised them to try and reconcile before they appear for the next hearing.

When I read this I decided that Ali must have a helluva whang if a woman who’s had three children cannot handle what he has.

Though the report does not give Ali’s size, I suspect he must be among the 6% of men worldwide who would require an extra-large protection.

The irony of the situation is that there have been many women who’ve been praying for a man who is well endowed, but here we see that sizeable love-muscle can be a destructive force in the throes of passion.

Now in the comments thread there were several women who found it hilarious and chided Aisha for not embracing her gift when there are countless others who would “know what to do with it”.

There were others who felt that the female sex organ can accommodate any size if it can expand to deliver babies. That is a rather good point which brings me back to the thought that Ali must have a giant package.

In general many women excited at the prospect of having a man with anaconda proportions. It makes me wonder if that’s just a front because they know that it’s not every day that you meet a 14” hammer.

Are most women just bluffing when they give the impression that the bigger it is the better? Perhaps if the shoe was on the other foot many of us would do like Aisha, so the next time you think about putting down a guy for just being at that average mark, consider that at least you are getting exactly what you can handle.