0825-marlon-wayans-tmz-4Well sue my ass too then, because you sure do look like Cleveland to me. Sometimes we take jokes too far, we might say things about each others mama, or tell someone they are fat, but these days some folks are not taking this shit sitting down.

Marlon Wayans is being sued by actor Pierre Daniel who was hired for a part in “A Haunted House 2” which was written and produced by Wayans.

What Marlon did was he posted a side by side picture of Daniel and Cleveland brown and then he captioned the photo with:

 “Tell me this n***a don’t look like … THIS N***A!!! Ol Cleveland Brown ass lookin.”

0825-marlon-wayans-whosay-sub-4Needless to say Pierre, can we call you Pierre? Does not find this sort of thing amusing and he wants to be paid because he was hoping that throughout his life someone would not have noticed his striking resemblance to Cleveland, let alone joke about it.

Lets turn this thing around Pierre, now don’t get me wrong, you can still sue Marlon if you want to but what if you capitalized on this moment, this comparison? What if you pointed your finger at yourself and said, you know what, I do look like that Ni*** Cleveland and if anybody should be the face of this character it should be me.

What we are saying is, accept this as your fate, own it, hire a publicist, go to Vegas, make it really big, be your own boss, this could be really good for you. Forget about the Haunted House 2, and the Wayans, the movie probably sucked anyway, capitalize on this and make this striking resemblance work for you.

Sometimes we see as far as our nose, but for once we need to look ahead to the future. Your future is bright Pierre, I promise you that. So forget that exotic lizard ass looking mutherf**er Marlon, you will be paid much more outside of court, just trust me!

Oh well Marlon, here is to hoping you don’t get sued anymore, at least you can’t say I didn’t try.