The internet is a dangerous place. Nude photos of Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities have been leaked online. The photos started spreading on Sunday on websites like Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and 4Chan.

A number of those photos are genuine, as confirmed by the affected celebrities and their agents. For instance, Lawrence’s publicist confirmed they are legit, and added that they have contacted the authorities and will prosecute everyone who posts the “stolen” photos.

On the other hand, some other celebrities are claiming that the leaked photos are fake. Victoria Justice, for instance (she’s like a pre-twerking version of Miley Cyrus, only not as popular), claimed that the “so-called” nudes of her are totally fake. Maybe they are, or maybe she’s just trying to save face.

Scott Pilgrim actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead called the hackers creepy, because she’d apparently deleted her photos ages ago, and the hackers must’ve gone through a lot of work to get them.

The leaks have apparently garnered so much attention that the FBI are now on the case. They had previously investigated and solved another hacking incident involving Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson.

Apple are getting almost as much blame as the hackers. Their “Find My Phone” app offers access to celebrities’ files, which are stored on iCloud, even if they’ve been deleted. This is likely how the hackers got access to the images. Good job thinking different, Apple.

Invasion of privacy is a serious matter, regardless of the person involved. So it’s a bit ironic to see how these photos have spread online like wildfire. People don’t want to even think about the government invading their privacy. But when it comes to celebrities, it’s a free-for-all where morals are abandoned.

 Still, this situation could have been averted in a simple way: stop taking nude photos! If you’re famous, and you’ve seen other celebrities’ accounts getting hacked, don’t start taking nudes then act all shocked when the whole world sees your private parts. Hackers won’t stop hacking, so if you absolutely have to take nudes, go analog. Problem solved, and potential scandals prevented.

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