Detoxing is an ancient alternative medicinal practice touted as highly beneficial by the health conscious based on the premise that toxins are the root cause of all diseases. It is believed that toxins override the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms and so messes with it’s ability to function at its best.

Given the harmful chemicals in our foods, cosmetics and water, I suppose that may hold a grain of truth to some extent. Still the ancient practice of detoxing is not supported by modern science; hence many medical practitioners scoff at the idea.

Nonetheless many supporters of detoxing remain resolute that it does work even though the scientific evidence to support such claims is lacking.  So it’s not surprising that you can detox your feet and face; but a vaginal detox?

Yes it exists so if you are considering coochie care J, you might be interested in this. Last year when our favourite celebrity twins Tia and Tamera Mowry did a V-Steam at a spa it was a buzz, but it is quite a common practice in Korea.

If you are put off by the idea of going to a spa to steam your vajay-jay because you view it as an aspect of personal care that should be something private, there is another method. It’s called the Seanjari Preeti Cleansing Tampon.

This tampon is a plug of natural herbs wrapped in silk. The herbs inclusive of chamomile, Motherwort and other herbs linked to reproductive health.

The tampon being touted as a womb healer reportedly addresses issues such as, ovarian cancer, infertility, vaginal dryness, endometriosis, vaginal infections, vulvar vestibulitis and vaginal trauma. I

n a nutshell, it is said that bacteria from blood in each monthly cycle as well as those which cause odors can be eliminated with these tampons, leaving the lady-parts cleaner and better able to expel pesky little toxins and fluid builds which cause cysts and fibroids. Perhaps one of the most popular claims is that it tightens the vagina, thus resulting in an improved sex life.

Now all these are lofty claims with little scientific backing, but could they be true? In an article on Dr. Camilo Gonima expressed doubts that vaginal detoxes of any kind can have any significant effects on fertility or menstrual cycles.

Still women have been going public with their ‘results’ on social media. When it comes to the matter of vaginal detoxing, could it be that alternative procedures such as these are just baseless or is it that the medical minds of our time are not privy to the scientific evidence that might have existed in ancient civilizations? Let’s see if modern science gets the last word.