Naomi CampbellRemember back in 2009 hearing about Naomi Campbell assaulting a photographer in Italy? Well it is finally catching up to her now.

The supermodel was convicted by the Sicilian courts this past Friday for assault on a paparazzi photographer who took photos of her and her then boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin. She was sentenced to a 6 month suspended prison sentence.

According to The Telegraph, the incident took place in August 2009 when Campbell and boyfriend visited Sicilian island of Lipari.

They were out sightseeing when photographer, Gaetano Di Giovanni, who was allegedly following them during their tour, took several photos of the couple. Campbell then hit him with her purse, scratching one of his eyes which required a 3-day recovery.

In a statement to People Magazine, Campbell’s lawyer said he would be appealing, but could not speak on the matter further: “We are appealing the ruling surrounding the 2009 incident. Due to the ongoing legal process, we cannot discuss the matter further at this time,” Guido Carlo Alleva said.

This is actually not the first time Naomi Campbell has been convicted of assault. It’s the fourth. Her name has been in the headlines multiple times for results of her fiery temper.

Since 2000, the model had two complaints against her for throwing a phone at her housekeeper and personal assistant. In 2008, she attached two officers in London over lost luggage. There are countless other events where her anger has taken over resulting in violent rage.

Although convicted, this does not necessarily mean that Naomi Campbell will see the walls of the jail due to the suspended sentence. It is likely she will just have to complete anger management courses and/or community service and with good behavior over the next 6 months, she would have “completed her sentence.”

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Hopefully she will stop going around assaulting folks, but something tells me she won’t!

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