Blue IvyGuess who wont be watching the Amy Poehler’s new Hulu series “Difficult People”, this girl! As a matter of fact I did not even hear about it until little Blue got entangled in it.

I am not the only one either fans are all over Twitter asking for the show to be cancelled due to an offensive ‘joke’ that was said about Beyonce’s 3 yr old daughter.

Julie Klausner, who plays Julie Kessler in the series says, “I can’t wait for Blue Ivy to be old enough for R. Kelly to piss on her,”

Who the hec says that about a child? Any child!!? The Twitter fire storm that ensued was immediate and swift:

Twitter 0002

As an excuse Klausner told Entertainment weekly that Poehler was very involved in the series, every script and word used in it had her signature.

“Amy could not have been more hands-on. She did not only give notes on every script, she gave notes on every draft of every outline. She weighed in on casting videos, cast roles. She weighed in on production matters,” she said.

“She came up with the title. She would give notes on every single edit, not only of the shows but of the promos, the trailers. She would be involved in every stage of the process in a way that she would go above and beyond.”

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What is even more ironic is that Amy is the co founder of an online community called Smart Girls which is a community that empower young women through ‘culture’, ‘volunteerism’ and ‘culture’.

“Funny, focused, and powerful, Smart Girls seeks to help future women channel their intelligence, imagination, and curiosity into a drive to be their weird and wonderful selves,” says the group’s website.

Those ideals I suppose does not cover little girls like Blue Ivy because if you stood by your own ideals that tasteless joke would never have been approved.

To add insult to injury, Amy Poehler and her team have not issued any sort of apology! I will end with one final Tweet:

Blue Ivy Tweet

**Slow clap!**


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