new mom and childThis is a topic that I had to discuss because not only do I have five children, but I recently gave birth two weeks ago and had similar worries on my mind — looking a hot mess holding a beautiful newborn baby.

Even though I’m not much into pictures, I still wanted to be decent looking because I’m self-conscious like that. But what I’ve been reading about new moms hiring an entire glam squad to come into their hospital rooms immediately after birth to do their hair and makeup is ridiculous.

I understand you don’t want to be plastered all throughout social media looking any ol’ kind of way, but this is taking something that’s supposed to be naturally beautiful and making it artificially beautiful.

Personally, a woman who has just gone through childbirth has a new mom glow that’s irreplaceable. The sweat, blood and tears that goes into delivering new life shouldn’t be hidden behind a new hairdo and makeup. And it for sure shouldn’t cost hundreds of dollars to obtain.

Then on top of that, having a group of people in the room, when I’d rather be alone with my newborn and closest relatives, isn’t something I’d enjoy.

Each woman is different and she’s entitled to do what she feels comfortable with. So aside from my own opinion of liking all things natural and real, new moms are feeling the pressure to look amazing while holding their new bundle of joy.

According to an article written by New York Times, stylists are being sent to hospitals multiple times per week through And within the past three months, Julien Farel’s salon witnessed a 200% increase in hospital bookings. Over the past six months, Glamsquad has seen a 30% increase in bookings.

What really makes the concept of this a bit over the top to me is the prices these new moms are willing to pay. Some are charging $700, others are charging $500 and $180. The starting price for Glamsquad is by far the cheapest, which begins at $50 (that’s more like it).

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Another issue I have is that when you hire these folks, you’re not getting a full-on blowout. Instead, they dry shampoo your hair or spritz water on your hair and style it.

So you’re pretty much paying for them coming out to you, not a glamorous hair do. If you ask me, I can spritz my own hair, put up into a nice bun or curly ponytail, powder my face and say cheese. But others are more high maintenance, and I understand that.

So what do you think — would you go all out to be a glamorous photogenic new mommy or would you prefer to be more private and au naturale after giving birth?

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