Many people have dreamed of that special day when you marry the person who you love. Some have even picked out all of the little details even before getting in a relationship.

Weddings are big! But unfortunately many times life happens and your find yourself bombarded with student loans, bills or unexpected expenses that leave you with a bare to none wedding budget.

Well Swanluv wants to help you make your wedding dreams come true by offering you financial assistance at no cost to you. Only catch is, if you get divorced you have to pay back the money plus accrued interest.

According to the company’s website all you have to do is apply and once approved you will just e-sign your wedding fund agreement and the money will be transferred to you.

Couples can request up to $10,000 from this new Seattle startup who is funded from other couples who’s marriages have not worked out.

They make it clear that the company isn’t a scheme to profit from divorce but instead offer couples a chance to make their dreams a reality. In fact Swanluv makes it’s only profit from advertising partnerships.

Pretty cool if you ask me. The site also guarantees that it is totally free to sign up and there are no hidden fees. My only question is what is the criteria on who get’s approved for the money? Can just anyone sign up?

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The Washington Post reports that Swanluv will review your relationship and set an interest rate based on your compatibility. Co-founder Scott Avy said that the interest range “won’t be too crazy” but hasn’t revealed any of the criteria behind how it all is determined.

At any rate the company officially launches in February. I’m curious as to how many investors they currently have to get the ball rolling. With many requests up front I wonder if their expecting a rush of failed marriages before the 1 yr anniversary.

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