RacistpizzaYesterday I read a story about a NYC pizza parlor that is in the middle of racist controversy. I know what you are saying, its just pizza how in the world can this be racist.

Like you I am tired of the ‘everything is racist’ stories but then I read something else and I cannot help but think I should actually move to the Twilight Zone because this stuff is unreal.

Pizza by Certe is located in midtown Manhattan and they got thrown in a world wind when one customer decided to take a picture of their “pic-a-nika-” menu item:

pik a nika


Check out the ingredient list, everything a nika could desire in a pizza, down to the water melon and southern fried chicken. ~ GROSS!

I am really surprised about this not because I think NY is exempt from racism but because of how diverse the city is, how does anything like this fly? How long have they had that on the menu and how popular is the pizza itself?

Regardless of the questions we might ask, as you can imagine social media had a field day because race is a pretty sensitive topic these days and anything surrounding it has the possibility of going viral.

Oh and don’t you worry your pretty little nika head, the company did issue a late and ‘unaccepted’ apology:


Well in my opinion they can keep it, you cannot tell me you had no idea that adding a pizza like that to your menu at the expense of an entire race of people was not deliberate.

Everyday we are reminded that racism is alive and well. All the nika’s they are referring to should all just go to the restaurant and order the pizza with a glass of koolaid,  sing songs about freedom while beating drums, dance on their tables and wait for the house nika to come tell us all to be quiet!

Over it!