Omarion4I am not going to lie when I first say the video the first thing I thought was TMI, aren’t you a grown ass man? I was shocked because number one I did not watch love and Hip Hop and two I was being a bit closed minded.

Omarion did an interview at Hot 97 the other day and they spent like 5 minutes talking about his circumcision experience, which he says wasn’t bad all things considered. He was a but embarrassed at first but then opened up he didn’t even watch the procedure happen nor did he feel a thing.

“I don’t have any problems in that area. I’m swangin’. And, I am not a part of that club anymore. I used to be a part of the turtleneck club.”

It might seem weird that he wasn’t circumcised for all this time but as he mentioned it might just be a matter of custom or culture. There are a ton of men walking around in this world with a little something extra and feel pretty comfortable about it.

Omarion made is decision after his son got circumcised which is very understandable most fathers think this is important especially when raising a young man. O used his son as inspiration, thinking if his son could do it, then he could too. He also did it for his girl, who he says is often ‘hurt’ when he does what he calls his “power thrust. Ya ok!

“A little bit of both. I just had my child. I got him circumcised. I got to see that process and I was like well, if my son can do that I can do it too because I am in the other club…the non-fun size club. So sometimes, when I’m giving the power thrust, you know that hurts. Baby be like, ‘Hey, hold on.’”

He also talked about marriage to his lady and the fact that he sees himself with her for the rest of his life. If you want to see the full interview check it out below.

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