Hikuru skirtLet your thighs glow! The Japanese call the area of exposed skin between the top of the knee to the hemline of your favorite mini skirt, zettai ryouiki which means “absolute territory”.

The Hikaru skirt or the “shining” skirt was created by Kiyoyuki Amano and I do not know where this designer got his inspiration but I am tempted to say it is kinda brilliant (literally).

From Rocketnews 24 (Do not ask where I find this stuff):

Hikuru Skirt

Hikaru skirt (hikaru means “shining”) is the brainchild of one Kiyoyuki Amano, whose simple idea to create a skirt with LEDs attached blossomed into a full-blown marketable venture.

When he first tried placing LEDs inside of a skirt, he noticed that the light created a pleasant illumination effect on the wearer’s thighs, leading to its current design.

Led Skirt

According to him, the hikaru skirt, with its incorporation of technological elements, is meant to fall halfway between everyday fashion and fashion for special occasions.

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On January 16, Amano launched a Tumblr page dedicated to his unique piece of clothing. There’s currently no price or instructions about how to order the skirt yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know if we learn more information.

Then in addition to stationary lighting there are trying to create rotational lighting sensors that create patterns of lights every time you move.

Do you understand the potential of this kind of fashion technology? I am no designer but with just a little stretch of the imagination, can you imagine the kind of garments you can create with LED lighting in them?

Hikuru Skirt

Talk about getting some attention at the club. Some people might actually think this is crazy and blow it off as just another stupid invention. If you ask me I think it’s the next big thing or at the very least pretty interesting.

Look at some of the photos taken from the hikaru skirt’s official Tumblr site then comment below and let us know if you would wear a skirt with led lights!

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