woman dances in front of policeI am going to try to give you the details about this story with a little grace. I will not mention the fact that if that was me bopping and swinging my hips to Future blasting in my car I may or may not be alive today.

I also will not mention the questions I have, some of which are, how in the world does someone get to disobey police orders and not have a bullet or knee in their back? I am in no way condoning police brutality because this woman is white, but it is hard to not do the comparison.

It is especially hard after #sandrabland and countless other women who have felt the wrath of police officers. It isn’t easy to forget about the 14 yr old who had to bear the weight of a 260 pound man in her back, face down in the dirt because she ‘disobeyed orders’.

Then there is the obvious calmness of the suspect, almost like she baited them a little. Then again it might be the alleged drugs or the a simple IDGAF’ness of some individuals when it comes to the law. But since this isn’t about my musing I will allow ABC news to tell the story:

A suspected car thief led police on a wild chase in downtown Los Angeles, even getting out of the vehicle and dancing in the middle of the street.

According to Los Angeles police, the suspect was blasting through red lights and weaving in and out of traffic Wednesday night.

The suspect also ran over a spike strip and blew a tire, but that didn’t stop her from giving police a run for their money.

At one point, she got out of the car and did a little dance, but then got back inside the vehicle.

A few moments later, officers swarmed the car, pulled her out and took her into custody near the 2000 block of East 8th Street.

The woman is believed to have been under the influence.

Watch the video below:

So what do you think? Is this the most ironic video you have ever seen or am I too much into my feelings on this one.
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