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10 Creative Date Night Ideas You Gotta Try

Go to a shooting rangeBrowse a used bookstore and talk about your favsSign up for a Color RunGo on a romantic picnicGo for a run or hike on a new trailGo strawberry pickingLearn a new hobbyGet lost in a corn mazeGo horseback...

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Photographer Joey Rosado Created A Stunning Photo series “Melanina” That Celebrates The Natural Beauty And Diversity Of Black People

Credits: Joey Rosado | @islandboiphotography "The title is spanish for "Melanin". I photograph portraits of black women (and men) in their natural beauty. I want them to embrace their true inner natural self, to love the skin they're in, to feel unapologetic, to find perfection in their imperfections and to uplift and inspire others.Everyone is great and amazing the way they are.Each photograph has a story that some or most people can relate to, inspire from or uplift their spirits.I want to show the world the more positive, beautiful and inspiring way everyone is than what society and the media...

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Woman Weighing Over 1000 Pounds Made The Commitment To Lose Weight And You Wont Believe What She Looks Like Now

Mayra Rosales weighed over 1000 pounds and she could she not walk or even lift herself out of bed.She could not take a bath and often had family members help with getting her clean.Every day tasks like washing her hair were almost next to impossible.Mayra knew she had to do something and fast!She decided to start with weight loss surgery. It took an entire team to lift her for prep.Mayra went under the knife but knew that would not be the hard part of her journey.Mayra recovering after surgeryNow it was time for the hard part. Putting that work...

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