Maggie on greysTGIT’s Grey’s Anatomy has been around for seasons and more to come. In last night’s episode 7 of season 12 the truth about race in the workplace was brought up.

As we all know, Shonda Rhimes isn’t afraid to include real life issues in any of her shows. And with Grey’s covering the LBGT community as well as interracial dating, we knew that the issues of being black in corporate America was going to be brought up.

Although race has been mentioned in the past, it is important to bring up an “unspoken” topic of race in the workplace.

The issue was introduced in this week’s episode when Maggie, a beautiful brown girl with natural hair and who also happens to be the head of cardio, was upset that a new guy was hired in her department without her consent. She brought up the issues of it bothering her because not only the fact that he is a male but a white male that could possibly undermine her skills.

The fact that she was automatically assumed to be a nurse her first week at the hospital or the fact that patients always look to the white male in the room for confirmation were just a couple of situations she brought up.

She vented to Shepard, a white neurosurgeon, who had to then look at her own actions when she recently took the word of a white resident over her own resident that she had grown to known who happens to be African American.

The truth is we as African American women always have to face these realities. It’s what we deal with. Yeah it’s unspoken most of the time but every time we’re passed up for a promotion or see one of our colleagues get different treatment than us, it’s a thought that crosses our mind.

With Grey’s Anatomy being a show watched by many different ethnicities I think it was interesting to touch on this topic and maybe open the eyes of some who may not understand this is a reality us brown girls face.

Have you ever questioned your treatment, whether good or bad, being a result of the color of your skin at your workplace?