000000000000000000000000000Love Rihanna, bad gyal all day long, but as a brand ambassador for PUMA I am a little bit confused. The company is said to be launching a multi year deal with the pop star for branding purposes. They say she reaches the female target group they have on their radar.

Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, will directly influence the product design process, starting as soon as this spring, Puma said. “Market research shows that Rihanna, although she’s not an athlete, is an icon for our main target group,” said Puma Chief Executive Officer Bjørn Gulden in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “She is putting strength to the brand in an era where we need it.”

Now we know that Rihanna has a body that is to die for, many of us strive to get it and if that was the line of thinking then of course we get it. But in all fairness she really isn’t an athlete in true sense of the word, we have never seen Rihanna do one sit up she might be naturally slim or it might be the weed, who knows.

000000000000000000000Then again is Puma an athletic company? I thought it was, just this year they launched its biggest marketing campaign featuring is slogan ‘forever faster’. The campaign featured sprinter Usain Bolt and soccer star Mario Balotelli and of course that seemed to work for the guys but not so much for the ladies.

You cant tell me they couldn’t find not one female athlete, in Tennis, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, with a gold or silver medal who could have been the face of this company?


Is it that female athletes do not have as much reach as the male ones so you skip athletics completely and pick a pop star? No shade to Rihanna but even she has to admit that there are women out there working hard in the field of athletics that are better deserving.

Branding can be a strange beast, I look forward to seeing how these commercials will look! One thing’s for sure as Rihanna says, “bitches get money”, and she stay paid!