I’m really frustrated with my living situation. Living in NYC it’s almost a given that you will be living with at least 1 other person, just because the cost of living is so high.

The average living situation is a place with 1-3 roommates. Being the introvert and homebody that I am, I knew that if I had to have a roommate situation, then I didn’t want to live with more than one other person. I mean, along with sharing the apt, we are also sharing one bathroom.

I haven’t had to share a bathroom since Sophomore year of undergrad and that was like 6 years ago. So, I started putting out ads on my schools housing portal, and before I knew it, I had an interview with a girl, Nina*, about renewing the lease in her current apt with her, because her current roommate was moving out around the time I needed to move in. I mean, it was perfect timing!

Nina and I hit it off very well, and not to mention the apt was beautiful, and in a great location. During the meet and greet, I vividly remember Nina asking me if I had a boyfriend, and I said no, and she stated that she was seeing a guy, and that it was going in that direction.

I didn’t really think much of it, because I’ve had a roommate before, and they’ve had boyfriends or male company, and it wasn’t really a problem. Fast forward to the first month of us living together.. Nina’s boyfriend, Nick* was over maybe 1-2 times a week, which was alright. I mean, it didn’t really bother me at first. However 1-2 times a week quickly became 4-5 days a week! I couldn’t believe it.

It was to a point where I couldn’t really invite friends over because Nick would be over, and NY apts aren’t the biggest. I was really frustrated, and still am. I didn’t sign up to have 2 roommates, and her boyfriend certainly isn’t contributing to the steep rent.

I’ve talked to friends and family about what I could possibly do, and they all suggested that I have a conversation with her. Now, there are only 4 months left in our lease and I feel like there really isn’t a need to say anything because it could potentially cause an altercation, and we don’t have much longer to go as roommates.

This experience was definitely a learning experience for me. In the future, I know that I will never have another roommate, because once our lease is up I’m moving down south where the cost of living is drastically cheaper, and also to make sure I state concerns early on.

I had no way of knowing that I should have made it clear before we signed our lease, that I didn’t want a guy over so often, but I should have put on my big girl panties and had the conversation with Nina early on, versus letting it build up. Just 121 days let!