According to a woman named Tina Seals, Mama Bey is a nay-nay! Tina alleges that she is the surrogate who gave birth to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Blue Ivy.

In this rather peculiar story, Seals has filed a maternity suit against Jay-Z and Beyonce in Manhattan, citing that she was “previously associated” with the couple.

The claims are being rubbished though, since Seals has filed similar suits against Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian.

Now I don’t usually give a hoot about these two because I’m not one to worship at the feet of stardom (something about “Bow Down Bitches” just doesn’t sit right with me, regardless of who the bitches might be), but I must confess that the story/rumor caught my interest (I must really be bored. Note to self: Do something about that quick!).

This is the thing though, with that bizarre interview of Beyonce on Oprah talking about reptilian pregnancies that last two months and the fact that Beyonce’s baby bump deflated, well it looked like a squished frisbee on that Australian TV show, makes this even more sensational.


Now at the risk of stirring up the Beyhive let me go back to this though, Tina Seals and the couple were “previously associated”.

What exactly does that mean? Was it a love triangle? (Can’t help but wonder with all that talk about the Jay having a mistress and Solange’s elevator beat-down of him).

Was it some  ménage à trois type thing? (That’s not so far fetched considering how highly sexed the society is).

But let me get right back to that Tina though. If you’re running a business of pawning off your babies to celebs why you mad? If you are telling the truth about all four cases, that’s a total of five babies! And you want people to take you seriously?

I have come to recognize that people with money tend to do some weird crap and those after their money will do even more weird crap so at the end of the day all I’ve got to say is, “On to the next jacked up story”.